SFBI’s unique and renowned programming model helps accelerate the growth of early stage startup companies through coaching, advisory councils, one-on-one and group engagement, seminars, workshops, and community building.

The business incubation process can help you preserve capital, find resources, join a collaborative environment, and connect with external support systems. SFBI encourages each entrepreneur’s uniqueness and offers support and customized services to maximize potential and reduce risk and isolation. Incubated companies are four times more likely to survive their early years when risks are highest.

Our main goal is to help your business become strong and graduate prepared for future growth. SFBI client companies have produced more than 1,000 jobs in Santa Fe over the last 10 years, representing a $100 million+ impact on our local economy.

Nurturing a supportive environment at Santa Fe Business Incubator is so much more than just an excellent place to do business – together, we change lives! Become part of the Business Incubation’s success story.


Ways to Participate

Resident Clients lease space at the SFBI campus. Resident Clients are availed 24/7 access to a professional public-facing facility that provides flexible offices, labs, manufacturing, meeting, and training spaces. Additional resources include high-speed internet, reference library, equipment, supplies, parking, and programs. Conveniently located, the Incubator is close to public transportation and easily accessible to Los Alamos and Albuquerque.

Affiliate Clients, who do not occupy a physical space on SFBI’s campus, have access to all programming and services, along with limited use of the facility.

All Client companies are identified by category and are provided specific programs and services to best meet their individual needs.


Process & Product

Companies that use raw materials, components, parts or a combination of all three to make a finished good and/or develop more effective methods to assemble or disassemble finished goods. Also includes companies that develop one or more processes to improve the production, safety, efficiency or competiveness of a finished product. Growth is indicated by increases in full and part time employees and revenue. Growth is also indicated in amount of new markets identified and accessed, new intellectual property filings and awards, and new or expanded offerings.


Companies conducting or planning to conduct commerce in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technology, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, environmental sciences, biomedical device design, and organism based nanotechnology. Growth is indicated by the amount of private equity investment, foundational support and/or government grants attracted. Growth is also measured by the progress and efficacy of applied research being conducted, commercialization track, and the increase in full and part time employment.


Companies that perform organizational, structural or aspirational duties in a skillful manner for the continuance or betterment of an individual, organization or institution. Growth is indicated by an increase in accounts, full and part time employment and revenue. Growth is also measured by the increased sophistication of the service delivery mechanisms and by the ability to secure debt financing.


Companies with a focus on the writing, maintaining and /or dissemination of programming code to be used in or manifested as software and/or applications. Growth is indicated by the amount of users, content generators, and partners. Growth is also measured by increase in employment, revenue, and ability to attract investment.

Don’t see your business in one of these categories?

Contact us for more information on how we can meet your individual needs.

Other Programs & Services

Flexible workspaces are available to meet the needs of travelers to Santa Fe, solopreneurs, and anyone who needs a break from the home office or coffee shop.

Runway, a pre-incubation program, serves those with a great idea who need help forming it into a viable business model. Contact the SFBI’s Program Director at or 505-424-1140 for more information.

For more detailed information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in becoming a client of the SFBI, we invite you to schedule an orientation by filling out the Inquiry Form. Simply click on the Apply Now button below and we look forward to meeting you soon.