RUNWAY is a pre-incubation program at the Santa Fe Business Incubator designed to assist early idea stage individuals and teams in assessing the market potential of their idea and equipping them with the necessary information to make an informed go or no-go decision.

Pre-incubation programs are specifically for individuals or teams that have been working on a business idea for a short period of time and who are ready to better form the idea into a working business concept and test the idea by speaking with potential customers and networking with business leaders in the community.

The time frame for completion of the Runway program is three (3) months. The program consists of three separate sections containing five areas each. The sections are:

  1. Market Research and Validation
  2. Pricing and Cash Flows
  3. Business Formation

The purpose of our curated curriculum is to introduce participants to important startup business topics, guide them through a process of customer identification, along with ideation and market validation, and network them into the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem of Santa Fe.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the RUNWAY program, please contact Jessica Moose at