The SFBI campus includes flexible workspace options to fit the needs of solopreneurs, freelancers, or professionals visiting Santa Fe. Workspace members of the SFBI have access to a variety of options including open workspaces, a semi-private cubicle, or a drop-in office. Workspace members also have access to SFBI's common areas, networking events, resource room, and high-speed wireless internet.

If you travel to Santa Fe often and need a place to work, if you need a break from your home office, or if you just want a nice place to land for a while, workspaces at the Santa Business Incubator is a great option.

Workspace ranges from $75 for a 10-visit punch card to $60 per day for a private drop-in office.

Image result for ProjectYThe SFBI is proud to work with FatPipe ABQ and projectY Cowork in Los Alamos. SFBI has reciprocal agreements with both organizations allowing our workspace members to use their offices and their members have access to use the Incubator's offices.

For more information on securing your workspace at the Santa Fe Business Incubator,
please e-mail SFBI Program Director, Jessica Moose at or call 505-424-1140.