Descartes Labs

We are seeing an exponential rise in the number of real-world sensors, producing ever more data. Combining multiple sources provides a far richer view than that of any single data source. To harness this power and enable global-scale computation, it’s necessary to have a data refinery that combines data from diverse sources, cleans it up and makes it ready for modeling – and a platform to upon which to build living, learning models. That’s exactly what we’ve built at Descartes Labs.

Fab Lab Hub

Fab Lab Hub offers New Collar Job certifications in digital fabrication skills like 3D Printing, laser cutting, robotics, microelectronics, and CAD design. Fab Lab Hub also offers commercial digital fabrication services.

Woodruff Scientific

Woodruff Scientific offers assistance with all stages of scientific innovation including concept design, engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, and operations.

Integrated Solar Technologies

Integrated Solar Technologies manufactures a revolutionary and scalable high-efficiency solar module tailored to low-voltage networks and smart distributed mini, hybrid, and off-grid communities. The ultimate goal is to deliver cost-effective IoT electricity for the next wave of electronics and appliances.


B. PUBLIC Prefab designs and sells prefabricated, high-performance building envelopes that prioritize energy savings, long-term resilience, and comfort. The innovative wall systems simplify a path to better buildings for all.