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First5: Feedback on the First 5 Pages of Your Script

January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Come see script breakdowns and join the discussion! Find out what works and common pitfalls to avoid to take your writing to the next level with professional screenwriter Steve Allrich.

Want your script reviewed? Steve will keep reviewing them on a rolling basis, instructions for submitting are below. Note: they have changed!

Need a copy of the scripts to read beforehand? If you signed up at a previous First5 we’ll send them out, otherwise just send an email to scripts@santafefilmmakers.com and we’ll send them over!


The first five pages of your screenplay are arguably the most important. Ideally they should: set your story in motion; establish the world, genre and tone of your story; introduce your protagonist; give a strong sense of what your story is about; and convince the reader they’re in good hands.

That’s some pretty heavy lifting for five pages, but it’s doable, and it’s necessary. If your first five don’t grab the reader, there’s a good chance she/he is going to toss your script and move on in the hopes of finding one that does.

Here’s the good news: people in the film business want to be blown away by your script. Seriously. They want to be able to take it to their boss and say, You have to read this––now. It all starts with the first five pages.

So, send in the first five pages of your screenplay or TV pilot, along with a logline, and get honest, constructive feedback from someone with actual experience in the business. Find out what works, what doesn’t––and why. And get advice and suggestions for improvement.

We’ll pick four writers’ work to discuss––that’s about all we can handle in one meeting; we’ll get to the others in subsequent meetings. If you haven’t submitted pages, or if your pages weren’t chosen for this meeting, come anyway, and join in the discussion.

Steve Allrich has had three feature films produced from scripts he’s written, optioned a half-dozen more, and worked with a bunch of directors.

Instructions for submitting:

This time around Steve will be live-editing the scripts, so in addition to a PDF we’re asking for you to send an electronic version as well. You’re welcome to send the full thing or just the first 5 pages, the electronic files will not be shared:
– Final Draft: this uses .fdx or .fdr files, which work fine
– Celtx: Go to Scripts -> Export Script, choose where you want to save it, then select Text Files (txt) as the format.
If you’re using something else, see if it can export to one of these formats. And if you need help, just let us know in the email and we can probably assist you!

Along with the electronic copy, send the first 5 pages in PDF format.

The address is scripts@santafefilmmakers.com, and include your log line (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_line) in the body. Please note that the PDFs will be sent to the people attending beforehand so that they can read them as well.


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