People Sub-menu Advisors & Volunteers In addition to the staff, the Board, and our co-located and other resource partners, SFBI regularly seeks volunteers to act as advisors to clients and support other activities of the Incubator. The SFBI Council of Business Advisors is made up of50 members. These advisors serve as industry or professional specialists, present informational sessions on their areas of expertise, attend Client advisory meetings, or work with Clients one on one.

Council of Business Advisors

Alan Austin
Grace Brill
Russell Brott
Michael Brown
Craig Bruce
David Bueschel
Timothy Butler
Shandra Clow
Greg Crowell
Bob Curtis
Arnold DeAguero
John Elling
David Franklin
Bill Gould
Jeff Gruber
Ross Hammarstedt
David Hansen

Andrew Hoffman
Victor Johnson
Dennis Johnson
David Joseph
Tim Kelton
Karl Koehler
Marie Longserre
Tom Lopez
Randy Lucero
Bonn Macy
Jody Madala
John McCawley
Chandler Moore
Gary Moran
Johanna Nelson
Roger O'Brien
James Ortiz

Candice Owens
Alex Padilla
Pete Perna
Debora Ramirez
Frauke Rininsland
John Roberts
Richard Robinson
Patricia Rudy-Baese
Latha Shankar
Jennifer Sinsabaugh
Knute Sorenson
Luke Spangenburg
Michael Uremovich
Mark Walztoni
Julia Wise

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Advisor of the SFBI please fill out our Volunteer Advisor Form using the link

For those interested in other volunteer opportunities, such as office and event support, please contact us at 505-424-1140.