The SFBI offers to the community flexible Co-Working rental spaces to fit the needs of solopreneurs, freelancers, or professionals in Santa Fe on business a few times a month. Co-Working members of the SFBI have access to a variety of options including an open shared space, a semi private cubicle, or a drop-in office. Co-Working members also have access to the SFBI’s common areas, networking events, resource room and high speed wireless internet.

If you travel to Santa Fe often and need a place to work, a break from your home office, or if you just want a nice place to land for a while, Co-Working at the Santa Business Incubator is a great option.

Co-working space ranges from $75 for a 10 visit punch card to $30 per day for a private drop-in office.

For more information on CoWorking at the Santa Fe Business Incubator e-mail or call 505-424-1140.