Since 1999, over 140 client companies have participated in the Incubator program.

The Incubator program model typically sees a company progress through three stages of development. Startup – Approximately Years 1 to 3; Partner – Approximately Years 4 to 6; and finally – Graduate.

Currently SFBI is assisting 20 companies (10 Startups and 10 Partners) that are organized into four programmatic categories with some companies participating in two: Process & Product, Health & Life Sciences, Service, and Technology.

Santa Fe Business Incubator Clients by Category

Process & Product


B6 Sigma (Duo membership category – Partner)

Sigma Labs, Inc. provides consulting services for the purpose of developing and commercializing novel and unique advanced manufacturing, material and process monitoring technologies.

Fab Lab Hub (Partner)


HoneyMoon Brewing Services (Startup Affiliate)

HoneyMoon Brewery brews a healthier probiotic alternative to traditional beer by using Kombucha (a fermented tea) as a foundation through a hybridized production process unique to the brewery.


Santa Fe Spirits (Partner Affiliate)

Santa Fe Spirits produces exceptional spirits designed to capture and accentuate the essence of the Southwest with products ranging from silver whisky to barrel-aged apple brandy.

The Kombucha Project began as an experiment in disrupting the food industry. By using product manufacturing and distribution to establish accessible channels to market the Kombucha Project is making it easier for local small scale producers to compete.

YXO offers a proprietary engineered composite structure that possesses the superior strength-to-mass ratio of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and the energy-absorbing strength similar to metals. This technology offers a structural framing solution for a variety of industries.




Acoustic Biosystems, Inc. (Partner)

Acoustic Biosystems develops blood sample preparation systems for improving clinical diagnostics at hospitals.


AttoLight Group (Partner)

The AttoLight Group, Inc. in collaboration with Bionosis, Inc. develops SOFIA Technology, a technology that incorporates an ultrasensitive surround optical fiber assembly capable of attomolar level (10-18) detection, adaptable to both clinical and non-clinical applications.


BioDirection (Partner)

BioDirection manufactures a low cost, portable, rapid point-of-care diagnostic device to screen for mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). More commonly known as a concussion, mTBI is the most difficult type of brain injury to diagnose.


EcoPesticides International, Inc., (Startup)

EcoPesticides is focused on perfecting a biologically based ”Green” pesticide technology platform with the intent of solving a broad spectrum of the world’s most challenging pest-related problems in an environmentally friendly way.


Vista Therapeutics, Inc. (Partner)

Vista Therapeutics manufactures nano-electronics for patient monitoring and drug development.


Aurora Life Technologies, LLC (Duo membership category – Partner)

Aurora Life Technologies designs, invents and tests customized new technologies to solve difficult scientific and engineering problems with an expertise in the area of single cell analyses by flow cytometry/cell sorting and the design point-of-care diagnostic devices for use in physician offices or out in the field.



Accessible Housing Solutions (Startup)

Accessible Housing Solutions specializes in home modifications for seniors aging in place with the goal to help them maintain independence in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Fix My Roof (Startup)

Fix My Roof, LLC. restores existing roofs for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement while using environmentally responsible practices and educating the greater community about environmental stewardship.


New Mexico CFO (Startup)

New Mexico CFO is a one stop shop for consulting, bookkeeping, and office management, including payroll, taxes and all the other stuff you don’t want to do.


Nurses with Heart Home Care (Partner)

Nurses with Heart Home Care provides medical and home assistance services to Santa Fe and Santa Fe County to all who wish to remain independent and in their own homes through nursing and home health services, wherever home may be.

Husky Refrigeration HVAC and mechanical (Startup)

Specializing in Heating, Boilers, Cooling, Commercial Refrigeration, & Plumbing

Arthur Black Chimney & Dryer Exhaust (Partner)

Thoroughly trained by two master chimney sweeps and certified both in Chimney Cleaning and Dryer Vent service through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Marc Black and his team are knowledgeable in the unique and diverse home wood burning experiences of New Mexico.




The Retail Planet, Corp. (Duo membership category – Partner)

The Retail Planet provides intelligence (data & analytics) for retail site selection and tenant recruitment.


Xerb (Startup)

We are a software company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, focused on delivering solutions for those that entertain, educate, and engage their audiences through video.